Steamed pumpkin balls stuffed with purple sweet potato


250 grams pumpkin

100 grams sticky rice flour

80 grams rice flour

2 purple sweet potatoes

1 tablespoon milk

20 grams milk powder


1. Steam the peeled pumpkin until cooked through, puree the pumpkin in a large bowl


2. Pour the sticky rice flour, rice flour, and milk powder in the bowl


3. Mix until even, knead, roll the mixture into a dough


4. Steam the peeled purple sweet potatoes until fully cooked, puree the steamed purple sweet potatoes in another large bowl, pour milk in the bowl


5. Mix until even and smooth


6. Divide the pumpkin dough into 8 equal pieces, roll each piece into a ball, flatten each ball until round and thin, divide the purple sweet potato puree into 8 equal piece, fill each pumpkin crust with a piece of purple sweet potato puree, fold up each crust


7. Pinch each crust until firmed, roll each ball until round


8. Put the balls on a rack, put the rack in the steamer, steam for 12 minutes, until thoroughly cooked


9. Take out the rack from the steamer, serve