Mixed grain porridge


30 grams red bean

30 grams mung bean

25 grams pearl barley

40 grams sticky rice

30 grams millet

20 grams lotus seed

25 grams red date

20 grams peanut kernel

25 grams dried lily bulb

20 grams crystal white sugar


1. Pour red beans, mung beans, pearl barley, lotus seeds, and peanut kernels in a bowl, pour some water in the bowl, set aside for a night


2. Pour sticky rice, millet, and dried lily bulbs in another bowl, pour some water in the bowl, set aside for 30 minutes


3. Rinse the red dates


4. Rinse the red beans, mung beans, lotus seeds, and peanut kernels, drain


5. Rinse the sticky rice, millet, and lotus bulbs, drain


6. Pour all ingredients but crystal white sugar in a stew pan, pour some water in the stew pan, heat the stew pan over high heat, bring to a boil


7. Remove the scums from the stew pan


8. Turn down to low heat, stew for 30 minutes


9. Drop the crystal white sugar in the stew pan, stir until dissolved


10. Serve