Stewed pork rib with lotus root and chestnut mushroom


500 grams pork rib

200 grams lotus root

150 grams chestnut mushroom

1 piece ginger, sliced

2 tablespoons cooking wine

1 teaspoon white pepper

1/2 teaspoon salt


1. Chop the pork ribs, rinse, drain


2. Drop the pork ribs in a bowl, pour some cooking wine and water in the bowl, immerse for 1 hour, change the water regularly during the time


3. Rinse the pork ribs, drain


4. Drop the pork ribs in a stew pan, pour some water in the stew pan, drop the ginger in the stew pan


5. Pour some cooking wine in the stew pan


6. Heat the stew pan over high heat, bring to a boil, remove the scums


7. Crack the white peppers


8. Pour the white peppers in the stew pan, cover the stew pan with a lid, turn down to low heat, stew for 30 minutes


9. Peel and slice the lotus root, slice the chestnut mushrooms


10. Drop the lotus root and chestnut mushrooms in the stew pan, stew for another 30 minutes


11. Season with salt


12. Stew for 5 minutes


13. Serve