Green tea waffle


150 grams cake flour

5 grams green tea powder

25 grams sweet rice flour

5 grams baking powder

80 grams milk

50 grams white sugar

50 grams butter

2 eggs


1. Crack the eggs in a mixing bowl


2. Add white sugar in the bowl


3. Mix until even and smooth


4. Add the melted butter in the bowl


5. Mix until even


6. Add some milk in the bowl, mix until even


7. Add gradually the milk in the bowl, mix until even


8. Add the cake flour, sweet rice flour, baking powder, and green tea powder in a sifter


9. Sift half of all the ingredients in the sifter in the bowl


10. Mix until even


11. Sift the remaining ingredients in the bowl


12. Mix until even, set aside


13. Grease the waffle maker plate with butter, preheat the waffle maker


14. Pour the batter in the waffle maker, until full


15. Close the lid, let the maker to cook


16. Open the lid, take out the waffle


17. Done