How to make red bean jam


300 grams red bean

120 grams white sugar


1. Soak the red beans in water for a night


2. Pour the red beans in a stew pan, pour some water in the stew pan, heat the stew pan over high heat, bring to a boil


3. Cover the stew pan with the lid, turn down to medium heat, stew for 60 minutes


4. Pour the stewed red beans in the food processor, add some water in the food processor


5. Process the red beans into red bean puree


6. Pour the red bean puree in a fry pan


7. Heat the fry pan over medium low heat, stir the red beans to prevent sticking, add gradually white sugar in the fry pan, until fully dissolved


8. Continue to stir for 15 minutes, until thickened


9. Serve